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Swachhata Pakhwada

With our honorable Prime Minister Shri N D Modi, India is awake to the clean India movement begun on the 2nd of Oct 2014. Our Institute GIET, Baniatangi, Bhubaneswar has became a part of this national movement & its students celebrated the Swachhata Pakhwada from 1st Nov to 15th Nov 2016. Of course our University, the BPUT advised all its constituent institutions to perform the awareness fortnight as a part of its Social Welfare and Community Development activities from 01st to 15th November 2016 with great enthusiasm and activities.
During the Pakhwada several cleanliness activities were initiated on and off the institute campus. At the outset, the 12th of November, 2016 was observed as a Swachch Day. All the academic, administrative and supporting staff has taken Swachhata Pledge followed with Swachhata Rally and then conducted cleanness drive in and around the campus. Further, 12 teams each comprising of 6-7 members were formed and was allocated discrete responsibilities to clean institute premises along with adjoining areas, for creating awareness among villagers, farmers and students, and to enlighten the staff/local population in promoting the clean India drive.

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Some of the cleanness activities conducted during the Swachhata Pakhwada are listed below:

  • (a).Weeds from institute’s main lawn were uprooted.
  • (b).Proper cleaning of all the central facilities of institute.
  • (c).Farm section, footpaths were properly cleaned and dried tree leaves in the farm threshing floor were cleaned.
  • (d).Boys & Girls hostel and adjoining area were cleaned; all the unwanted grasses were uprooted.
  • (e).The entire professor’s rooms were properly cleaned and professors are being involved in awareness creation among other workers.
  • (f).Professors working tables and room floor of each room were properly cleaned.
  • (g).In the administrative block routine cleaning work has been done.
  • (h).The main gate area and roof top of main gate was cleaned by removing spider web and other waste materials.
  • (i).The outside institute boundary wall, dispensary area, ATM premises, School area of nearby village and the residential area were cleaned properly on 15th November.
Cinque Terre Cinque Terre Cinque Terre

During ‘Swachhata Pakhwada’, GIET, Baniatangi not only organized various other activities but also conducted Swachhata Rally, Debate & Essay Competition among the college students. Lecture on “the Importance & the necessity of general cleanliness” by the invitee Professors along with painting, essay & debate Competitions were conducted in the Institution campus. A rally along with banners creating awareness among the inmates of the public, was conducted by GIET students. The volunteers also suggested low cost solution to keep the campus green and lively. Short videos were also shown to the audience and the program ended with prize distribution.

Detailed day wise activities:

Day-1 (12th of November 2016)

  • (a).The opening ceremony was started sharp at 10:00 am at Auditorium Hall, with lighting the lamp & garlanding Mahatma Gandhiji’s photo by Director, Dean (Academics), a Senior Professor & the Convener of the observance.
  • (b).Dean (Academics) Prof (Dr) Mohan Charan Panda welcomed all professors, staff members & students and explained the importance of cleanliness in detail.
  • (c).Director, Sr Professor & the Convener addressed the gathering. The Swachhata Pakhwada Pledge was administered by the Director.
  • (d).Director in his address explained in detail the importance of maintaining cleanliness at personal level, family level, society level and community level. It was appreciated that after start of cleanliness drive (2nd October 2014) on the campus, the ambience has improved. There is improvement in overall cleanliness; still there is scope for further improvement.
  • (e).It is decided that not even a single piece of plastic waste be seen anywhere around the campus. Scrap material be disposed off and old records be weeded out. Class rooms, common areas, kitchens/ dining rooms/ utensils wash areas and toilets of GIET be given special attention. Food wastage is a crime, it should be avoided. More slogans regarding “Swachhata Abhiyaan” are being displayed in main academic building and other common places. College lawn, playgrounds, sports complex and other common places also are kept garbage free.
  • (f).The Convener further appealed all not only to maintain clean campus but also to educate and assist nearby localities/villages in maintaining cleanliness. If needed our resources/facilities can also be deployed in nearby localities to help them maintain cleanliness.
  • (g).After meeting all the GIETians started a swachhata rally (with banner & placards) from the auditorium hall up to the local residential area for creating an awareness regarding swachhata, followed with a massive cleaning in & outside the campus premises continuing up to lunch.
  • (h).After lunch there were essay writing & debate competitions among various participants of young GIETian been completed in presence of some special Judges.
  • (i).At 2:00pm Lecture on “The Importance & the necessity of general cleanliness” was completed by the invitee Professors & followed with end of the session.

Day-2 (15th of November 2016)

  • (a). The day-2 program was started sharp at 10:00 am with a massive cleanliness drive not only in & outside the campus premises but also in the nearby villages, slum areas, hospitals, educational institutions and places of public interests.
  • (b). Also the volunteers have interacted especially with the villagers, farmers, the regular public and the slum dwellers through some innovative methods to spread the awareness on environmental protection, open defecation, water conservation, education, health, hygiene and cleanliness. The session was continued up to lunch.
  • (c). After lunch session various events such as painting competition on the theme “Clean your environment” , Essay writing competition on “Keep your environment clean” & Debate competition on “Keeping tourist places clean & hygienic “ among the nearby school students been completed.
  • (d).At 3:00 pm a suitable no/s of “Shot film on cleanliness” prepared by our students were presented over the judges for verifying the 1st , 2nd & 3rd position holder with novelty, clarity and its impact on society.
  • (e). After that the proposals asked on the theme of “Low cost solution to keep the college campus clean” from the student were shared among the invitees, professors & the students.
  • (f). At 4:00 o’ clock the valedictory session was held followed with the Prize distribution to the meritorious students by our beloved Vice-Chairman & Principal.
  • (g). The session ended with vote of thanks by the Convener & the announcement by the Vice-Chairman & the Principal about the continuity of the activities with vigor and energy to achieve the dream of Gandhiji & Modiji of a Swachh Bharat.