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 The department of Civil Engineering has introduced one of major post graduate programme in the field of Structural Engineering in the year 2014 with an intake capacity of 18 seats. The programme involves so many outlooks as discussed below.
The design and detailing of most of the civil engineering Structures we use in our everyday life has in some way involved work of a Civil engineer. The Civil engineer has been directly involved in the design, detailing and Execution of structures. Furthermore, the global competition has increased the demands for efficiency and accuracy in design of Buildings, bridges, Railway Structures, irrigation structures, steel structures and earthquake resistance design. Therefore, the world needs engineers who can design advanced, complicated and modern civil engineering structures which can resist earthquake and disaster. The Master of technology in Structural Engineering prepares you for meeting such challenges.
The Civil Structural Engineering at GIET, Baniatangi focuses on design and detailing of Civil engineering Structures through the theoretical concept and practice. Thereby, you learn how to combine technical and creative skills and obtain in-depth knowledge about the Structural design, detailing and execution process.
The programme gives you insight into a wide range of design concepts for a civil engineer. The classical engineering disciplines such as Advanced Mechanics of Solids, Applied Elasticity & Plasticity, bridge design, design of reinforced concrete structures and design of steel structures are combined with advanced courses with latest computer based design like finite element methods, mat lab,, revit structure .