In the present scenario, green technologies are one of the pivotal factors in shaping nation’s economic growth towards sustainability and providing an alternative socio-economic model that will enable present and future generations to live in a clean and healthy environment, in harmony with nature. Green technology refers to the growth and extension of progressions, practices, and solicitations that improve or replace the existing conventional technologies easing humanity to meet their own needs while substantially decreasing the impact of human on the planet, and reducing environmental risks and ecological paucities. The concepts of clean Technologies, if validated and infused into the lives of civilization, will facilitate the aim of the Millennium Development Goals of keeping the environment intact and improve it for the civilization to survive. Green Technologies and Environmental Sustainability are focused on the goals of green technologies which are becoming increasingly important for warranting sustainability.

Reasons for Choice of Green Technology

There are many benefits associated with changing to green energy, and while the cost can be an issue, there is help available to aid the transition. Solar power is a clear winner in the switch to renewables because the price of installation has fallen substantially over the last decade. Research in Integration of sources energy securities, energy informatics are playing a pivotal role in shaping up of our future. It is correct and even "cool" to use green energy. The pecuniary consequences are serious. Snowballing worldwide mandate for energy is creating a sense of earnestness to produce domestically generated renewable energy. It is not just an pecuniary concern, but a political one, as oil rich countries assess their future. The motive we are still reliant on fossil fuels for liveliness is around as old as the fossils themselves. A complicated mix of costs, technology and ecological subjects means no one source is best. The diverse execution of energy sources is a optimistic step in the direction of energy liberation and sustainability. .